• 'Weekend Warrior' Injury

  • We’ve all been there – the do-it-all weekend warrior planning on mastering and tackling that big home project. Still no matter how ready you are to attempt to build your own deck, pour a new patio, or wash your third-story windows, accidents happen and COAST Orthopedics are here to evaluate and diagnose your injury and offer a treatment plan.


    Injuries commonly caused by Weekend Warrior activities are:
    Often times, injuries are minor and will heal through the following actions:
    • Rest the area associated with the pain and/or injury
    • Treat the area with a cold pack – use for 10 to 20 minutes. Do not freeze the skin.
    • Avoid heat – this is will cause increased swelling and pain
    • Avoid athletic participation or any other activity that may cause further strain or injury
    • Take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication to treat the immediate pain

    If you choose to treat your pain or injury at home, you must be sure you do not re-injury or cause further damage to the injured area. However, other times the injury is too great and will need to be examined by an orthopedic surgeon. If conservative non-surgical therapies do not help, surgical options are available and should be discussed.

    Contact COAST Orthopedics today. Dr. Jeffrey Colbert can evaluate and help plan effective treatment for occasional or chronic pain. If pain is a persistent or long-lasting problem in your everyday life, you shouldn’t wait a minute longer. Call today 310-421-2111.