• Testimonials

  • Dr. Colbert is a rare breed. HE IS AMAZING. He is an old school doctor in every POSITIVE sense of the phrase. When you meet with him, you will have his full attention. He will be PATIENT with your appointment. You can ask as many questions as you want and you will FEEL like he really cares and is giving you his full attention. In 15-20 years of various doctors in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Colbert is ONE of TWO that I have found that I LOVE. He is not rushed, not cranky, not bitter. He smiles, shows compassion and projects like he WANTS to help care for you. I can’t say enough about how genuine, sincere and positive his bedside demeanor is. I have had approximately 5-6 appointments with him and 2 surgeries.

    Stephanie D.

  • I first met Dr. Colbert 25 years ago when my daughter suffered an injury to the foot. Since that time, he has performed surgery twice on my daughter and countless times on me. He’s also treated my sons and my grandson. He is patient, compassionate, and always listens to the patient’s needs. I have experienced many “knife happy” physicians in my life, and Dr. Colbert definitely does NOT fall into this category. If it were not for his expertise, I would not be walking today.


  • I’ve been a patient of Dr Jeffrey Colbert for several years. Mostly minor things – sprains, strains, and the like. All that changed in April when I had full knee replacement surgery. It could not have gone better! I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Colbert did an excellent job. Prior to the surgery I was apprehensive about most of it (General anesthesia, the hospital stay, my insurance, recovery, everything) everything except for Dr. Colbert. I was always 100% confident in his skills and abilities and he did not let me down. He is a pleasant, easy-going man and a terrific orthopedic surgeon. The longest I waited for any appointment was 15 minutes. His staff is very professional. They validate parking. I don’t understand how anyone could have a negative review of him or his office. I cannot recommend him enough.

    Iris M.

  • Great experience today. Had excruciating sudden knee pain out of the blue. Had a horrible time finding an orthopedic doc who took my insurance as I did not pick the right plan and am stuck with it until I can change plans. I lucked out. Dr Colbert was a provider under Covered California AND he is marvelous! A stroke of luck! He was very smart, clear, respectful, kind, explained the situation, and did not try to milk any further procedures as my injury will go away with some exercises he gave me to do.. He couldn’t have been wiser or more helpful! And the entire staff from the first phone call I made to my last goodbye was as gracious as can be and incredibly efficient! No long waits, no rudeness! They treat everyone with earnest friendliness. I felt everyone there actually cares about people! Thanks Dr. Colbert!


  • Dr. Colbert also straightened out my leg which was damaged by the long wait to have surgery. This surgery has opened up a whole new chapter in my life. I am working hard to regain strength in order to get back to doing all the things I had to let go of. Kudos to you, Doc.

    Stacey L.

  • Great experience with Dr. Colbert. He treated me exceptionally well and is 100% competent. His staff, Fay and Daisy were wonderful. I had surgery on my ankle. Everything went through without a hitch. I would trust him again to do surgery on myself and my family. Do not hesitate to be seen by him. This is serious business and Dr. Colbert is the best!!Also remember it is your attitude that matters as well. So be positive and you will have a positive experience.

    Amy B.